A favorite match for me is dependent on many factors.  These were chosen for the crowd reaction, atmosphere, execution of moves and my own personal performance and character.  Feel free to comment on these matches or add to it, with your own Jericho Favorites!  

P.S.  I keep a log of all my matches from my first match to the present.   If you have any questions or comments, I can give you exact dates, opponents, finishes, etc.

Date Tag-Team
Opponent Location Comment
24 05/03/91 Lance Storm Johnny Smith Great Gamma Calgary, AB  
49 10/24/91 Lance Storm Horace Boulder The Gladiator Saitama, Japan  
92 11/13/92   Lance Storm Calgary, AB  
97 12/06/92   Black Magic Monterrey,
105 01/28/93   Biff Wellington Calgary, AB Barbed Wire
169 07/04/93   Bestia Salvage Guadalajara, Mexico  
177 07/16/93 Ultimo Dragon Negro Casas
Mexico City  
220 10/03/93   Mad Mac Hamburg,
280 02/04/94   Lance Storm Calgary, AB  
300 04/01/94   Jado Tokyo, Japan  
313 04/24/94   Ultimo Dragon Tokyo, Japan  
315 04/26/94   King Haku Iwate, Japan  
358 08/05/94 Lance Storm Heavenly Bodies Knoxville, TN Fought with
broken arm
368 11/08/94   Ultimo Dragon Tokyo, Japan NWA + UWA
Double Title Match
380 11/30/94 Silver King Negros Casas
405 03/03/95   Bestia Salvage
Ultimo Dragon
Negro Casa
Mexico City, Mexico Elimination
414 03/17/95   Ultimo Dragon Mexico City, Mexico NWA Title
420 03/26/95   Gedo Tokyo, Japan WAR I.J. Tourney
425 04/02/95 Gedo Koji Kanemoto
Nobukazu Hirai
Tokyo, Japan  
431 04/12/95   Dandy Acapulco,
446 05/26/95   Lance Storm Calgary, AB

459 07/29/95   Ultimo Dragon Shimane, Japan
464 07/07/95   Ultimo Dragon Tokyo, Japan
I.J. Title
465 07/28/95   Ultimo Dragon Tokyo, Japan I.J. Title
470 08/05/95   Ultimo Dragon Kagoshima, Japan  
485 09/19/95   Apolo Dantes Mexico, City CMLL Championship
511 12/08/95   Lance Storm Tokyo, Japan  
513 12/13/95   Wild Pegasas Tokyo, Japan Super J Cup
531 02/26/96 Gedo Jushin Liger
Tokyo, Japan  
534 03/08/96   Cactus Jack Queens, NY  
535 03/09/96   Taz Philadelphia, PA  
548 03/31/96 Dr Luther Arashi
Osamu Tachihikari
Tokyo, Japan  
556 04/26/96   Maasaki Mochizuki Tokyo, Japan  
571 06/22/96   Pitbull #2 Philadelphia, PA ECW TV Title
575 07/13/96   Pitbull #2
Shane Douglas
Too Cold Scorpio
Philadelphia, PA ECW TV Title
581 08/3/96   Too Cold Scorpio Philadelphia, PA  
664 02/24/97 Eddy Guerrero Meng
Sacramento, CA  
671 03/28/97   Dean Malenko Johnstown, PA US Title
724 07/13/97   Ultimo Dragon Daytona Beach, FL WCW Cruiser Title
749 09/14/97   Eddy Guerrero Winston-Salem, NC WCW Cruiser Title
755 09/22/97 Takaiwa
Jushin Liger
Wild Pegasas
Kendo Ka Shin
Niigata, Japan

789 11/17/97   Rey Misterio Jr. Cincinnati, OH  
789 01/11/98   Rey Misterio Jr. Orlando, FL  
796 01/29/98

Eddy Guerrero

Dean Malenko
Chris Benoit
Memphis, TN  
797 01/31/98   Dean Malenko Boston, MA Cruiserweight Title Match
799 02/03/98   Chavo Guerrero Jr. Corpus Christi, TX Cruiserweight Title Match
807 02/22/98   Juventud Guerrera San Francisco, CA "mask vs title"
810 02/27/98   Eddie Guerrero Lincoln, NE Cruiserweight Title Match
854 05/17/98   Dean Malenko Worcester, MS Cruiserweight Title Match
873 07/08/98   Ultimo Dragon Birmingham, AL Cruiserweight Title Match
879 07/27/98   Dean Malenko San Antonio, TX Cruiserweight Title Match
908 10/06/98   Fit Finlay Gainesville, GA TV Title Match
916 10/25/98   Raven Las Vegas, NV TV Title Match
929 11/29/98

Eddy Guerrero

Dean Malenko
Chris Benoit
Knoxville, TN Brian Hildebrand Tribute Show
930 11/30/98   Konnan Chattanooga, TN TV Title Match
932 12/07/98   Bobby Duncam Jr Houston TX  
950 01/18/99   Booker T  Columbus Ohio  
955 02/03/99   Booker T Madison WI  
983   06/04/99   Rey Misterio Jr Cincinatti,OH  
985 06/06/99

Chris Benoit

Rey Misterio Jr
Billy Kidman
Athens, OH  
990 07/21/99

Eddy Guerrero

Rey Misterio Jr
Billy Kidman
Peoria, IL Last WCW match
1059 02/19/00   Jeff Hardy Fresno, CA  
1064 02/27/00   Kurt Angle Hartford, CT  
1072 03/13/00   Kurt Angle Rutherford, NJ  
1077 03/21/00


Edge & Christian Milwaukee, WI  
1088 04/17/00   HHH State College, PA Won WWF World Title
1093 04/24/00

The Rock

Chris Benoit
Raleigh, NC  
1096 04/30/00   Chris Benoit Washington, MD  
1098 05/02/00   Chris Benoit Richmond, VA Won WWF IC Title for the 2nd time
1110 05/27/00   Chris Benoit Calgary AB  
1111 05/28/00   Chris Benoit Edmonton AB  
1121 06/12/00   HHH St Louis, MO  WWF Title
1128 06/25/00   Kurt Angle Boston, MA  
1131 07/01/00   Kurt Angle Houston TX  
1136 07/09/00   Chris Benoit Sacramento,CA  
1141 07/23/00   HHH Dallas TX Last Man Standing Match
1147 08/19/00   Val Venis Greensville,NC  
1174        10/10/00   William Regal Los Angeles,CA  
1183         10/30/00   The Rock Boston,MA  
1200         12/04/00   Kurt Angle East Rutherford, NJ WWF Title
1215 01/14/01   Kurt Angle Green Bay, WI WWF Title
1216 01/21/01   Chris Benoit New Orleans, LA Ladder Match
1232 02/25/01   Chris Benoit vs X Pac vs Eddy Guerrero   Las Vegas, NV Fatal Four Way For IC Title

May 21, 2001-w/Chris Benoit vs HHH and Stone Cold Steve Austin-WWF Tag Team Championship

May 22, 2001-w/Chris Benoit vs The Dudley Boys vs The Hardy Boys vs Edge and Christian-TLC Match

Oct 21, 2001-The Rock-St Louis, MO-WCW Championship

March 1, 2002-The Rock-Yokohama, Japan-WWE Championship

June 15, 2002-The Rock-Honolulu, HI

Oct 7, 2002-w/Christian vs Kane vs Bubba and Spike Dudley vs Jeff Hardy and RVD-Las Vegas, NV-TLC Match

Mar 30, 2003-Shawn Michaels-Seattle, WA-Wrestlemania 19

Feb 7. 2004-Chris Benoit-Tokyo, Japan

Oct 19, 2004-Shelton Benjamin-Milwaukee, WI-IC Championship

Jan 9, 2005-Edge vs Chris Benoit vs HHH vs Randy Orton vs Batista-San Juan, Puerto Rico-Elimination Chamber For The WWE Championship

April 3, 2005-Edge vs Christian vs Chris Benoit vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin-Money In The Bank Ladder Match At Wrestlemania 21

July 2, 2005-Shawn Michaels-Tokyo, Japan

Aug 21, 2005  John Cena   Washington DC   WWE Championship


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