fozzyIn an interesting juxtaposition with his professional wrestling past, the success of his band Fozzy would begin with a storyline much like that could be seen on WWE programming.

After his initial meeting with founder Rich Ward, member of the band Stuck Mojo, Jericho would simply sit in on a few of the band’s sessions without the intention of becoming a permanent member. However, his childhood itch needed to be scratched, and he soon became Fozzy’s lead singer using the name “Mongoose McQueen”, sporting outfits that made David Lee Roth look like Glen Campbell.

Soon, wrestling and heavy metal fans alike were scratching their heads, wondering why someone who appeared to be Jericho was delivering high notes rather than Lionsaults. The world spread that the “Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla” was more than a unique wrestling nickname. The nickname came armed with vocal chops.

Although this “storyline” drew the attention of fans and was delivering on Fozzy’s promise of having a good time, they soon wanted to transition into creating the bloody arena rock that has since become their trademark. It was time to put the cover songs to bed and begin getting down to creating original music. Soon, the 80’s rock gear was shed, and Fozzy would release their 2005 album All That Remains.

This album was the first to contain all original Fozzy tracks and would feature one their more popular songs in “Enemy”. The music world also began to take notice as several members of influential metal bands (including Zack Wylde and Marty Friedman) took the time to lend their talents for the studio recording of the album.

The next six years would find Fozzy continuing to expand their fan base, as they released three more studio albums: Chasing the Grail, Sin and Bones, and Do You Wanna Start a War. During this time, they would also play the Sonisphere Festival in England, the Download Festival in the United Kingdom (sharing the same stage with the likes of Killswitch Engage and Theory of a Deadman), the Uproar Festival (playing with bands such as Godsmack, Shinedown, and Staind), as well as various other completed tour dates. 2014’s Do You Wanna Start a War would feature the single “Lights Go Out”, Fozzy’s biggest hit single to date that would spawn a tour of a same name and a #29 position on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

Fozzy is currently working on producing a seventh studio album that will most likely be completed after Chris has completed his current full-time stint with the WWE. Regardless of this completion date, this album will undoubtedly allow Fozzy to continue to plunge their musical dagger into the heart of the heavy metal music industry, and will give Chris yet another reason to claim to be the “best in the world as what he does.”