Chris Cast in Kevin Smith Horror Movie “Killroy Was Here”

What do you get when you combine one of the greatest wrestlers of our generation with one of the greatest filmmakers of our time? The result is an exciting film opportunity for both. Director and filmmaker, Kevin Smith has recently cast Chris Jericho in his upcoming film Killroy was Here. The horror film that was inspired by famed street art with a bald animated character peeking over a fence which dates all the way back to the second World War was where the Kilroy name came about. Jericho is also slated to film parts of the movie as well as he is expected to step behind the camera. Kevin heralded Chris for his dedication and work ethic working until 4 am and doing so with the commitment and energy many would come to know from the former World heavyweight champion.

The film was originally titled Krampus but was re-written by Smith who has plans on making the film part of a horror anthology. Smith has said that the film is in fact influenced by the Stephen King and George A. Romero cult-classic film Creepshow. While no official release date has been mentioned the independent film is believed to be released in the new year. Chris will play the part of an alligator chaser who Smith calls a ‘nasty-ass South Florida streamer’. This is the first time both Smith and Jericho have worked together and something both men appear quite excited about as well. Smith shared this news on his Facebook page that will certainly excite both Chris Jericho and Kevin Smith fans alike.