Chris Jericho Collector’s Edition Of “In Search of Darkness: Part II” Available To Order Now

In Search of Darkness is a 244 minutes documentary that explores the horror movies of the 1980s and features names including John Carpenter, Elvira, Sean S. Cunningham, Kane Hodder, Heather Langenkamp, Joe Bob Briggs, Don Mancini, Bill Moseley, Greg Nicotero, and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor. It was both a critical and commercial success, and now it’s sequel has been announced and features our very own Chris Jericho!

In Search of Darkness: Part II promises to include unheard tales from the most comprehensive cast of horror legends assembled on film, 15 new interviewees (including Chris Jericho), career retrospectives from Robert Englund, and Tom Savini, and much more.

What makes it all the better is that there is a Chris Jericho collector’s edition available at, which includes a mini-documentary, where Chris discusses his early horror experiences that scared him as a child and hooked him on the genre, his father investing in Canadian films and entertainment, plus the connection between heavy metal and horror. Also, buyers receive a Chris Jericho poster, their name in the credits, and priority access to a special online Q&A with Chris Jericho.

Note that this offer is only available until midnight on Halloween, and you can view the trailer below.

If you missed out on part 1, with your purchase of the Chris Jericho collector’s edition, you’ll receive a digital edition of In Search of Darkness, and have the option to upgrade to a physical copy for $15.