Chris Jericho Forms KISS Cover Band Named ‘Kuarantine’

Along with bassist P.J. Farley, guitarist Joe McGinness, and drummer Kent Slucher, Chris Jericho has formed his very own KISS tribute band, and they kicked things off with a bang by releasing a cover of 1987’s “No No No.”

Jericho said about the new band: “When Kent and Joe approached me to sing on a few 80s KISS songs, I jumped at the chance, as it’s my favorite era of my favorite band. Once we brought in PJ, not only did we have a world-class band with years of touring experience, we also had four guys with one common bond: to stay creative and to do something special for all music fans during this pandemic. ‘No, No, No’ is the perfect debut release for Kuarantine, as not only is it a crushing, FUN rock n roll tune, but it’s guaranteed to satisfy and put a smile on your face…whether you want one or not!

You can watch the video on YouTube below, and stream on all major streaming services.